Weird and Interesting Facts about Hommus!

Weird and Interesting Facts about Hommus!

Hommus we know we love to eat it. We have featured a few random facts on our social media about hommus, and we thought we would collate them all into one place and give you a bit more information about them. Also, we would add some of our other favourite titbits about the best dip around!


Next time you are planning a fancy meal for your lover with Oysters, Dark Chocolate and Strawberries, try serving hommus with your meal as well. Hommus is touted across the Mediterranean as an aphrodisiac. Packed with iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium boosts physical energy and gets the blood pumping!

How much Hommus is too much Hommus?

Guinness World Records states that the largest serving of Hommus weighed 10,452kg and was made by 300 student chefs in Lebanon in 2010! That’s the equivalent of 46,453 tubs of SSS Foods Hommus

What’s in a name?

Did you know the word Hommus literally translates to chickpeas in Arabic. What we know as Hommus dip here in Australia is called ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna or Chickpeas with tahini. SSS Hommus features chickpeas, tahini, water, salt, lemon, garlic and our secret herbs and spices! All-natural ingredients with no oil, dairy or gluten making it the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Why are their different kinds of Hommus?

The earliest mention of Hommus in print is from 13th Century Egypt, but many parts of the Mediterranean and middle east claim Hommus as their own invention. In Australia where we are very picky about which café we will frequent based on who makes the best coffee, in Israel there are Hummusia – who each specialise in serving their take on Hommus, and people are very particular about which one they eat at! Different countries have slight variations including adding oil in the Mediterranean countries, adding cumin and other spices in the middle east, varying the quantity of tahini added to even adding yoghurt!

Hommus needed a birthday – and so International Hommus Day was born!

In 2012 Ben Lang was attending an IT event in Israel, and he decided that he needed to create a theme for the day -and so 13th May became International Hommus Day. His aim was to create a holiday based on a food that could bring people all over the world together. He started it as a joke, but it has since turned into a very celebrated festival in many parts of the world. Who wouldn’t want to have an excuse to eat this all-inclusive dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, meat-free and drama-free food that goes with everything from veggie sticks to pita bread to lamb to crackers?

Australia grows A LOT of Chickpeas

Australia is only 2nd to India in world chickpea production. India grows a staggering 7.8 Million tonnes of chickpeas a year – equating to nearly 6kgs of chickpeas per capita. Australia coming in 2nd, only grows just under 1 Million tonnes of chickpeas a year, however this equates to 35kg per person! However, 700,000 Tonnes of our chickpeas are exported around the world. SSS Foods Hommus uses all Australian chickpeas grown in Victoria!

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