Being an Australian family owned business, we pride ourselves on our choice of “locally grown” ingredients. Each hommus recipe contains produce from the finest farms across Southeast Australia.

Our chickpeas are grown 320km northwest of Melbourne in the farming community of Kalkee. Kalkee’s flat tablelands of rich soil create the perfect cradle to give birth to the finest medium to large chickpeas in Australia, if not the world.

Each chickpea is graded by size and quality, this ensures only the largest and juiciest chickpeas are used in our hommus.

For the past 15 years, each morning our head chef visits Sydney’s famous Flemington Markets to source the remaining ingredients. Flemington Markets is a melting pot of Australia’s best farmers and providores, ensuring only the freshest ingredients make it’s way into each SSS Foods Hommus container.


SSS Foods is committed to supporting a sustainable planet and always looking to drive additional improvements:

•  We recycle the minimal amount of paper that is used

•  Emails are rarely printed

•  Supplied packaging is repurposed

•  Wooden pallets are recycled within the transport network

•  Documentation is never printed and is all stored in the cloud

•  Palm oil derived products are not used in any form for our hommus

•  Cardboard cartons are produced from recycled paper and cardboard

•  Canola oil derived products are not used in any form for our hommus

•  The by-product from boiling of chick peas known as aquafaba is filtered and used to make food products


Made by Australians for all Australians


No nasties, no preservatives, no dairy, plant based, no egg, no oils and no gluten. Kosher Certified and Halal Compliant


Sourced from Australian providores, who believe in being kind to our planet.


We honour and pride ourselves in strict ethically practices to recycle and conserve our natural resources